Charlton-in-Dover, SS. Peter and Paul Anglican Parish Church


Picture: John Salmon 2006

This picture is a part of picture on the left.   

1867. Bevington. Soho, London. Details of prices given on casework keyboard cover.
1955. Unknown. Restored.
1984. F.H. Browne. Ash, Canterbury. Restored and tonal changes made.
The stoplist:
Great: (C-g3)
Open Diapason 8
Claribel 8
Principal 4
Swell: (C-g3)
Stop Bass 8 (12 notes)
Lieblich Gedact 8
Flute Harmonic 4
Mixture (Walker ?)
Cornopean 8
Pedal: (C-f1)
Bourdon 16
Bass Flute 8

3 couplers

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